The Voices of Faringdon
Pre-school Children

We can play with everything

I get stickers and the teachers tell me that I have done a good job

I love playing outside, painting and playing with the babies

Pre-school is fun and I can be messy

I like trains

I like playing in the water and the mud kitchen

I can see my friends and run around outside

I do miss my mummy

Parent’s Voices

My child’s key person is very approachable

My child’s key person is very supportive

I feel that I receive all of the information that I need

I’m very happy with the way things are

We are happy with the frequency of key person/parents evenings being 3 times a year, if we have any specific concerns, staff always make themselves available for a chat

My child’s key person is very friendly and shows excitement in the next steps and progression of my child

I’m always updated with any concerns via the communication book